the total eclipse of the heart

Highest Kin

Ran Mitake


  • Sayori

  • Homura Akemi

  • Amethyst

  • Smoky Quartz


  • Himeko Mashima

  • Deuce Spade

Lower/Minor Kin

  • Nico Yazawa

  • Taiga Aisaka

  • Arisa Ichigaya

  • Pinkie Pie

  • Meulin Leijon


A synpath is a character you relate with but not as
You can have a strong connection to them to consider them a part of your identity but not think of them as you


  • Moca Aoba

  • Asuka Ninomiya

  • Mashiro Kurata

  • Lisa Simpson

It would mean a lot to me and help me a lot if you could send me some pics of any of my comfort characters when I'm feeling down!

Helluva Boss
Diabolik Lovers
Love Live!
Kuroko no Basket
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi)

✰ I sometimes talk in portuguese

✰ I kin for fun and as a coping mechanism and I take it mildly serious (extremely serious with Ran)

✰ What I say here are my own opinions, experiences and thoughts about myself and my own life and feelings, you don’t have to agree with them or feel the same way I do, and if I say something that applies to you and comment it in a bad way, I’m definitely talking about me and offending myself /srs

✰ Fiction is extremely important to me, it’s my biggest escape and comfort

✰ I talk about my favorite characters a lot since they're my biggest comfort

✰ Depression/anxiety tweets
Please please please never tell me to "grow up", even as a joke).

✰ I forget things really easily so please forgive me if I don’t remember something you’ve told me or if I repeat something I’ve already said

✰ It's okay for you to interact (reply to/like my posts) but I might take a while to reply depending on how I’m feeling

✰ You'll see my mental breakdowns and I normally don’t tag tws (if it's something specific I'll tag it such as my derealization crisis)

✰ If my vents get “too much” or triggering to you, please do soft block, I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable

Please tag animal death/abuse, overall death related topics, mentions of growing up/aging/time passing, the nazi swastika and nazi related topics, real apocaliptic scenarios/questions related to what would someone do in a catastrophy/apocalipse and "we live in a simulation" type of posts. You can tag them as "luna don(')t look", LDL/ldl if you’re running out of characters, or just what the post has